US teenager becomes world champion of the computer game, ‘Fortnite’.

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Computer Games-
A US teenager has won a record-breaking three million dollars, to become the world champion of the computer game, ‘Fortnite’.

It is the largest prize pool in the history of E-Sports.

The teenager, by the name of Kyle Giersdorf, won the solo event of the competition, at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York, which usually hosts the US Open Tennis Tournament.
British teenager, Jaden Ashman won almost one million pounds, coming second in the duos event.

Kyle Giersdorf, known online as ‘Bugha’, stood laughing and shaking his head as the crowd erupted when his name was announced.

The final game was described by the commentators as a “ridiculous victory lap”, as the winner played with a smile on his face, whilst beating his rivals.

The ‘Fortnite’ Finals saw 100 players battling on giant computer screens. Forty million players attempted to qualify, in over 10 weeks of online competition. The event is seen as a major moment in E-Sports, which has been estimated to be a billion-dollar industry in 2019.

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