Russians buy up iodine, in Arctic rocket radiation scare

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There has been a rush to buy medical Iodine in Russia’s far north, following a brief radiation spike linked to a rocket accident.
Two people died and six were injured in Thursday’s accident at a test site, but the military has given few details.

Stocks of Iodine at pharmacies are reported to be running out in the city of Severodvinsk.
Iodine can block the thyroid gland’s take-up of ‘radioactive Iodine’, but the pills can also cause medical problems.

The Severodvinsk administration said, radiation levels were higher than usual for about 40 minutes, but then returned to normal.
The city of nearly 200,000 is around 47 kilometres east of Nyonoksa, where the explosion took place.

The Nyonoksa Site carries out tests for virtually every missile system used by the Russian Navy, including sea-launched intercontinental ballistic missiles.

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