Carrie Lam faces onslaught, at combative press conference

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When Hong Kong’s leader, Carrie Lam appeared before the press today, she seemed to be prepared to deliver a brief statement and move on.

However, instead, she faced a media onslaught!

No sooner were her prepared remarks finished, the full-frontal assault, in both Cantonese and English, began.

The embattled Beijing-backed leader began to reply, but more questions were shouted.

The combative press conference was an indication of the rising tensions in the city, after a weekend of violence that left dozens of people injured, some of them seriously so.
Under the ‘One country – Two Systems’ Principle, the media in Hong Kong enjoys freedoms, unheard of in mainland China.

Ms. Lam at times appeared ‘caught off-guard’, by the intensity of the questioning. She defended the Police against the accusations of excessive force over the weekend, when rounds of tear gas were fired into subway stations, and on crowded shopping streets.
At other moments, she sipped from a glass of water, as the barrage of questions continued.

…..and the barrage continued, as she abruptly left the podium, even as a journalist shouted, “Do you have a conscience……………?”

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