The President reiterates that the government’s decision to impose the death penalty will not be changed

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President Maithripala Sirisena today reiterated that the government’s decision to impose the death penalty
on those convicted but still involved in drug trafficking from prisons will not be changed, even amidst any obstacles. The President stated that a certain newspaper had carried an article claiming that the government was going to reverse its decision on implementing the death penalty.

“That is completely untrue. No matter what kind of objections come, the necessary steps will be taken to implement the death penalty against drug traffickers,” he said. He made these comments while addressing the gathering at a ceremony held today to commence the construction work on the National Nephrology Hospital in Polonnaruwa. This hospital is to be built as a gift from China . It will be the largest kidney hospital in South Asia.

The President stated that he has summoned the heads of all intuitions in the fields of Law and Order, Justice and Prisons for a discussion next Tuesday.
He stated that a committee will be appointed comprising of these individuals to decide who will be executed and the dates.

President Sirisena said that certain objections have been raised by various sections against this decision to implement the death penalty. “But those are raising objections have not given any assistance to put an end to this destructive issue in the country.”

Explaining views on the report published in a national newspaper on Sunday that the Army camp will be removed from the North, the President vehemently rejected this false propagation carried out some elements against the government.

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