“Lapses” on the part of the Police, in the dissemination of intelligence information pertaining to the Easter Sunday Attacks, revealed.

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The Parliamentary Select Committee probing the Easter Sunday Attacks convened at the Parliamentary Complex this evening.

Members of the three-member Presidential Commission appointed in this regard, testified before the Committee, today.

Chairman of the said Presidential Commission: Supreme Court Judge Vijith Malalgoda said, the original of their report and 10 copies have been submitted to the Presidential Secretariat.
He further stated, when conducting inquiries into the attacks, it was understood that investigations need to be carried out into the conduct of certain police officers.
The President was made aware of this necessity.
He disclosed, the explosives used to conduct the attacks were similar to those used in the attack on the World Trade Centre in the US.
He further stated, it is the same explosives that have been used in the Sainda-marudu and Wanatha-willuwa explosions.

He also stated, although prior intelligence on an impending attack was received on the 5th of April, the Security Council had not convened until the 21st of April.
He noted “lapses” on the part of the Police, in the dissemination of intelligence information.

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